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Secure an affordable life insurance plan without hurting your pocket for your family’s security in this life full of uncertainty

In the event of untimely accidents and sickness, you can count on your life insurance to be there as extra breathing room for you and your family. Choose a comprehensive life insurance that meets the needs of millennials and gen Zs, as well as families, and take charge of your future.

Minimum Annual Payment:
Php 24,000
Payment Terms:
Annual, Semi-Annual, Quarterly and Monthly
Covered Ages:
15 days – 70 years old
Period of Coverage:
Up to age 99
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Affordable Investment

Start investing with at least P24,000 annually, payable in your own terms

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Competitive Yields for Your Money

Maximize growth potential of your investment with its diversified portfolio including stocks, bonds, prime corporate notes, and short-term money market instruments

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Peace of Mind

Secure your family financially with a cash payment upon your death: the amount insured; 500% of the current annual payment, plus 125% of each top-up payment, minus 125% of each partial withdrawal; or the amount your investment has grown to, whichever is higher.

Investment Funds

Money Market | Fixed Income | Balance | Equity | Growth | Select Equities | Guardian

Additional Benefits (Optional)

  • Waiver of Premium Benefit
  • Accidental Death Benefit
  • Special Accident Rider
  • Dread Disease Rider
  • Hospitalization Rider
  • Hospitalization Plus Rider
  • Payor’s Rider
  • Waiver of Premium Supplementary to Payor’s Rider
It is never too early to prepare for your future. Be prepared for anything and protect what matters most by investing in an insurance plan! Securing an insurance plan is not an expense, but an investment that boosts your finances to safeguard you and your family. Prepare early with InLife Bancassurance, and experience comprehensive insurance policies that equip you and your family for whatever the future holds.

You're Never Too Young to Plan Ahead

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